Vol 26, No 3 (2020)

Table of Contents


Induction of labour – a misused blessing: Prospective study of factors influencing the success of induction and comparison of fetomaternal outcomes with spontaneous labour PDF
V Vinod, RG Bhat, PV Bhat, N Zahoor, S Bhat
Characteristics and outcomes of obstetric patients with maternal sepsis requiring admission to a South African intensive care unit: A retrospective review PDF
JY Lafon, EC Buga, GD Nethathe
Labour epidurals in Gauteng Province, South Africa PDF
J Wagner, S Chetty, F Paruk, P Kamerman
Association between adipose tissue thickness and fibroid shrinkage using ultrasound-guided high‑intensity focused ultrasound PDF
GCW Peiser, K Jacobson, RT Spence, R Setzen
A study to establish normal reference values of urine flow parameters in healthy South African females PDF
Z Abdool, NE Manana, P Becker