Vol 24, No 3 (2018)

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The caesarean section rate: Much ado about nothing? PDF
Sumaiya Adam 68


Does perineal body thickness affect faecal incontinence in multiparous patients? PDF
A M A H AlHurry, M A Akool, Abdulrazzak kalaf Hassan, S V Hosseini, H Khazraei, L Moosavi, S Pourahmad 69-71
Is pelvic-floor morphology a predictor of successful pessary retention? Original research and review of the literature PDF
F S Paterson, Z Abdool 72-73
Maternal and fetal outcomes following delivery in a tertiary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
D F Guidozzi, S Branch, L Chauke 74-78
Gestational outcomes of patients with multiple sclerosis: A tertiary centre experience PDF
O Ozyuncu, A Tanacan, F Aktoz, M Buyukeren, R Karabudak, M S Beksac 79-82
Maternal and perinatal outcomes in women undergoing expectant management of early-onset pre-eclampsia: A retrospective cohort study PDF
N Vijayan, A Keepanasseril, N Plakkal, V Udupa, S S Raghavan 83-86
Uterine leiomyosarcoma: A 10-year review in a referral hospital in Peru, 2005 - 2014 PDF
O Yanque 87-89

Case reports

Thoracic endometriosis syndrome PDF
D Guidozzi, E Rockson 90-94
A rare case of ovarian lymphangioma with elevated CA-125 causing pseudo-Meigs’ syndrome PDF
M Mangla, R Nautiyal, D Prasad, N Shirazi 95-99