Vol 24, No 1 (2018)

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Vulvovaginal conditions remain difficult and unresolved PDF
William Edridge 2-3


Prenatal screening for congenital toxoplasmosis PDF
M Z Mehrjardi 4-5

Case reports

In utero transmission of Influenza AH1N1 PDF
Ahlem Bezzine, E Ben Hamida, B Rabii, A Slim, Z Marrakchi 6


Lactic acid as an adjuvant marker in pregnancy-associated sepsis PDF
R Agarwal, R K Yadav, S Garg, H M Srivastava, G Radhakrishnan, A Tiwari 8-10
An evaluation of the indications for caesarean sections at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital PDF
Y Adam, J Mwinyoglee, B Masuku, E Nicolaou 11-14
Gestational outcomes of pregnant women who have had invasive prenatal testing for the prenatal diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy PDF
MS Beksac, H Yurter, A Tanacan, B Soyak, G Orgul, D A Hakli, T Celik, G Bora, AN Cakar, H Topaloglu 15-17
Use of a visual aid to improve estimation of blood loss in obstetrics PDF
N Makhubo, J D Makin, S Adam 18-21
Barriers to cervical cancer screening uptake among rural women in South West Nigeria: A qualitative study PDF
A O C Onyenwenyi, G G Mchunu 22-26


Recommendations for thromboprophylaxis in obstetrics and gynaecology PDF
Elise Schapkaitz, P R de Jong, B F Jacobson, H R Büller 27-31

CPD questionnaire

CPD questionnaire PDF